Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's Too Easy: A BCS Fix

No system is perfect, but here is my solution. I am still open to improvements on it, but here is what I have so far. First off, we will have an 8 team playoff and will keep the BCS poll for seeding matters and for at large entries (wild-card). I am also open to the thought of expanding from 8 teams to either 12 or 16 too. I would probably then add a few more automatic bids to the list.

5 Automatic bids go to the winners of the following 5 conferences:

Atlantic Coast
Big 10
Big 12
Pac 10

3 at large bids, to the 3 highest remaining BCS ranked teams (not from the above 5).

Then use the BCS rankings to seed these 8 teams.

Going into the 2nd to last week of last years season this would've given us the following playoff matchups.

#8 Virgina Tech (AC)
#1 USC (P10)

#5 Texas (WC2)
#4 CAL (WC1)

#6 Utah (WC3)
#3 Auburn (SE)

#7 Michigan (B10)
#2 Oklahoma (B12)

Sure a Boise State or some other team might have a gripe about getting in on the playoff, but I figure if you aren't good enough to crack this list with certainty, then you have very little beef about not making the playoff. I feel that winning your conference should mean something, and chose the 5 toughest conferences for automatic bids.

You could start the playoff games on Jan 1st, and play them in the four major bowl sites, with the top four seeded teams getting to choose which of the four sites they wanted to play in. #1 seeded team getting first choice. Then play the semis and finals in a rotating bowl site.